New Jersey

Weis Ice Cream Recall: What You Need to Know

"People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to eggs run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products," according to the FDA.

Couple Claim They Were Forced Off Cruise Ship

"They weren't equipped if I had needed a blood transfusion, so they wanted me off the ship. The doctor said he would 'kick me off,'" the 79-year-old woman told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Fox News Host Calls Out Trump's "Hypocrisy"

Fox News's Chris Wallace pointed to The Washington Post's report that found that Trump's golf club in New Jersey had employed "a steady stream of illegal immigrants for years, and that the managers at the club knew they were illegal."

Jameek Lowery Records Visit to Police Station, and Dies

"We need to know why a man who was in perfectly good condition...wound up displaying physical signs of an assault," civil rights activist Hawk Newsome said of the death in Paterson, New Jersey.

New Jersey Had Highest Share Of Outbound Moves In 2018

New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut topped a list of states that saw more residents moving out than new arrivals in 2018, continuing a trend of people leaving Northeastern and Midwestern states for growing cities in the Mountain West and South.