New Jersey

Teenagers Claim They Were Attacked at a New Jersey Mall

"They got in their car, and they were screaming 'you dumb white [expletive]. You are too comfortable.' They just kept reiterating that we were white and too comfortable, and we were stupid white girls and all this stuff."

New Jersey College Rejects Idea for Campus Chick-fil-A

"Ultimately, we decided to lean in the direction of creating a welcoming environment where differences can be appreciated and where each individual can expect to experience dignity and respect."

Parent 'Horrified' by 'Osama' Story Taught on 9/11

The parents of children in a New Jersey middle school said they were outraged after learning a social studies teacher had the class read a fictionalized short story about Islamophobia titled "My Name Is Osama" on September 11.

2010 UFO Sightings, 2018 Confession

After a mass UFO sighting in New Jersey, its creators have described the origin of their unknown craft. Hint: trash bags are involved.