New Jersey

Republican Candidate Calls Diversity 'Un-American'

Seth Grossman, a "Make America Great Again" candidate who clinched a surprise win last week in South New Jersey's Republican congressional primary, is coming under national scrutiny for saying that "the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American."

Rutgers Professor Goes on Anti-White Facebook Rant

Livingston said he was suspended from Facebook for nine days after he railed against "little Caucasians" and wrote that he is "resigning" from his race after he had trouble picking up a burger in Harlem.

Attorney: Police Punching Woman Was 'Overreaction'

"What they did to her was just an overreaction. They asked her to give a breathalyzer; she did it not once, but twice. She was very cooperative, but for whatever reason, the police didn't stop there."

Principal Apologizes To Black Students For Prom Tickets

The Cherry Hill High School East principal apologized to African-American students for a "party like it's 1776" senior prom ticket after complaints that the Revolutionary War era was a time of slavery.