New York State


Massachusetts and New York Considering Proposal to Ban Flavored Cigarettes

In the wake of the ongoing vaping crisis, Massachusetts and New York have proposed legislation that will ban sales of menthol and mint flavored cigarettes statewide. But store owners are crying foul, saying it's wrong to ban products that aren't causing short term problems.
child abuse CVA

New York Law Lifts Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Claims

"I hope this law improves public safety and gives victims their day in court," says New York state Senator Brad Hoylman, author of the Child Victims Act. "It's more than about money—it's about about being recognized by court of law for suffering."
Mnuchin Testifies

New York Passes Law to Release President Trump's Tax Returns

"New York lawmakers are providing a new avenue for the House Ways and Means Committee to obtain these crucial financial documents. As soon as this bill becomes law, all Chairman Neal will have to do is ask," a progressive advocacy group stated.
12-31-15 Medical cannabis

Kosher Pot Coming to New York State

One of five companies approved to grow and sell medical marijuana in New York got the Orthodox Union's stamp of approval.