NYC HS Moves to All-Remote Learning Due to Positive COVID Cases

Henry Renelus, principal of the PS721Q high school in Elmhurst, Queens, sent a letter to members of the school's community notifying them that the building will remain closed for the next two weeks following positive COVID-19 tests.

Entire Mississippi Middle School Forced to Quarantine

"Currently, 15 students have tested positive and 165 are quarantined. These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school," Long Beach School District Superintendent Jay Smith wrote in the letter. "These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school."

Donald Trump's Views on Abortion and Roe v. Wade in His Own Words

Trump is set to face off against Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the first presidential debate on Tuesday and following Trump's recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, abortion and Roe v. Wade are two issues likely to be brought up.

When Will Trump's Drug Discount Cards Be Distributed?

While delivering a speech on healthcare in Charlotte, North Carolina, the president discussed his America First Healthcare Agenda and outlined a "historic plan to benefit our great seniors."

What Happens Next in Breonna Taylor's Case?

"Will we continue to prosecute the charges brought in this case as it now proceeds to the justice system, and move to trial? That is our responsibility," Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron said. "This will be done while the FBI continues its investigation into violations, potential violations, of federal law."

Louisville Police Officer's Attorney Says 'System Worked'

"The grand jury's decision to not indict Sergeant Mattingly or Detective [Myles] Cosgrove shows that the system worked and that grand jurors recognized and respected the facts of the case," the attorney said.

Donald Trump Takes Narrow Lead Over Joe Biden in Florida and Arizona: Poll

According to the poll, 51 percent of likely voters in Florida said they'd vote for Trump, while 47 percent chose the former vice president. In Arizona, the poll found Trump with an even smaller lead, as 49 percent chose the Republican, compared with 48 percent that sided with Biden.