Obama administration

Trump Tweet That U.K. Helped Obama Spy 'Nonsense'

GCHQ, the British intelligence service specializing in communications, blasted President Donald Trump's repeated claim that U.K. intelligence helped the Obama administration spy on him as "utterly ridiculous."

EPA Blames Obama Administration for Asbestos Plan

The Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency appears to have blamed the Obama administration for failing to put regulations in place that would stop the current government's plan to allow "new uses" for asbestos.

White House Asks Ex-Obama and Clinton Staff for Support

A blunder by a White House communications aide revealed that they have been emailing members of former administrations in the hopes that they will amplify some of the president's foreign policy issues.

Trump To Order DOJ To Investigate Alleged FBI Spying

President Donald Trump demanded a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into allegations that the DOJ or the FBI infiltrated his presidential campaign -- something he suggested was ordered by the Obama administration.

Is Trump Making Oil Drilling Less 'Safe'?

The Trump administration wants to rollback several offshore drilling safety measures implemented in 2010 after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.