Online Censorship

Hold Twitter To Account

This is not a theoretical debate in free speech, but rather a demand for an equal standard for those who use Twitter to incite violence.

Leave Section 230 Alone

Critics of Big Tech are keen to put Section 230 in their crosshairs, when the more likely target of their proposals would be the First Amendment itself.

Reform Section 230 Now

Something is wrong, and it looks like there is finally momentum to use legislation to bring these arrogant tech behemoths to heel.

Backlash Against Big Tech was a Long Time Coming

The social media oligopolies appear to believe they can act with impunity. The public and now government backlash may end up destroying their business models, and they will have no one but themselves to blame.

Why Ethiopia Cut Mobile Internet Again

The Ethiopian government has pulled internet access multiple times in recent years. This time, fears of exam leaks might be behind it.