'Cuties' Sexualizes Young Girls to Spread the Same Message as Critics

"When the girls are dancing or Amy posts an inappropriate picture to social media, they're not rewarded. The audience at the dance competition scoffs at the girls' routine. Amy is slut-shamed by both her classmates and her friends when she posts a picture that goes too far."

Sacrifice? Nike's Kaepernick Ad Is Ridiculous

Kaepernick turned down an NFL contract and now will earn millions by posing as a social justice warrior for the benefit of a massive multinational corporation. Some sacrifice.

Moving the U.S. Embassy Paves the Way for Peace

"A lasting peace must be based on reality...We are very happy that the American administration has not allowed Palestinian threats to derail its resolve to move the embassy, and we call on all other world leaders to follow suit."

Your Bank Is Lying to You

Consumers shouldn't trust their banks due to scandals and questionable banking practices.