Cambridge Analytica Violated U.S. Law

For decades, the FEC has interpreted the "directly or indirectly" language in this statutory ban broadly to include participation by foreign nationals in decisions involving election-related activities.

Could Polio Soon Be Eradicated?

The lessons infectious disease preparedness and response researchers are learning in Pakistan, during what's hopefully a final push against polio, will also apply elsewhere, as public health experts work to wipe out other infectious diseases around the world.

Why Is Denmark So Happy?

Denmark's place among the world's happiest countries is consistent with many other national surveys of happiness (or, as psychologists call it, "subjective well-being").

School Officer Training Needs Updating

Despite legitimate concerns about the effects of placing school resource officers in the nation's schools, the reality is having these officers on a school's campus can literally save lives and avert tragedy.

Does a State Have a Right to Abolish Marriage?

Alabama and some other states are seriously considering proposals that would avoid the obligation to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples by eliminating any requirement that couples obtain marriage licenses from the state.