Is Facebook's Personality Profiling a Threat?

Facebook is in the business of exploiting your data. The company is worth billions of dollars because it harvests your data and sells it to advertisers. Users are encouraged to like, share and comment their lives away in the name of staying connected to family and friends.

Trump's Tariffs Won't Protect U.S. Jobs

Research shows that tariffs only delay the industries' inevitable decline. At best, Trump's tariffs will only hurt industries dependent on steel and aluminum, like auto and construction, which together employ more than 7 million workers—compared with steel's 160,000.

Can Trump Broker Israel-Palestinian Peace?

For decades, U.S. presidents have been unable to broker a long-term settlement between Israel and Palestine. Deal-maker Donald Trump would like to accomplish what his predecessors could not in this area, and administration officials say the plan will be unveiled soon.

Is 'Nontoxic' Graphene Nanoparticles Safe?

"Having studied the potential health and environmental impacts of engineered nanomaterials for more years than I care to remember, I find such overly optimistic pronouncements worrying—especially when they're not backed up by clear evidence."

Schools Look to Ban Suspensions

When it comes to school discipline, the fact that low-income and minority students are more likely to get suspended than students who are white or more well off is nothing new.