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Adele's 100-Pound Weight Loss Secrets

Want to prepare your body for the holiday weight gain? Find out what Adele did to achieve her best shape yet.

The Superfood You Need To Live Longer

Wheatgrass has been receiving traction as a popular superfood and as one of the most important ingredients in modern food supplements. Several studies have shown that wheatgrass as a nutritional supplement provides a great extent of benefits through its main component, chlorophyll.
AMPLIFY - Health & Wellness

10 Amazing Benefits of Organic Soaps That You Never Knew

People these days are more inclined to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. A step in this direction includes choosing the right skincare products for the body.

Organic Mattresses for Deep Sleep (With Exclusive Fourth of July Offers)

There are two things you need for a good night's sleep—a peaceful mind and a good mattress! PlushBeds is a certified organic and natural mattresses brand that strives to provide the luxury of a blissful good night's sleep for everyone.

Trump Administration Withdraws Animal Welfare Rule

The administration withdrew a rule that would require poultry to be housed in spaces large enough to move freely, fully stretch their wings and have some access to outdoor space.