Outer space

Historic SpaceX Rocket Launches

The first astronaut launch by SpaceX finally happened Saturday afternoon, after unfavorable weather conditions in Florida postponed the original May 27 launch.

10 Things to Know About the SpaceX Launch

SpaceX and NASA are launching the first manned mission on an American rocket from American soil in nine years. Here are ten things to know before watching the launch.

Space: Trump's Capitalist Frontier

President Donald Trump's administration has been slashing regulations all over the government, from net neutrality to environmental protection, and its collective gaze has turned to outer space.

With 'Prey,' JFK's Space Legacy Meets Aliens

Prey isn't about aesthetics alone. It's a sci-fi thriller with plenty of the granular combat skills gamers love. Talos 1, Kennedy's legacy, becomes the flashpoint for an alien invasion unlike almost everything seen in video games before.

A Moon of Saturn is Habitable

NASA scientists announced today that Enceladus, the sixth-largest moon of Saturn, has hydrothermal vents that are actively releasing hydrogen. Because such ecosystems are known to support life, the discovery confirms that Enceladus is a habitable environment.