Oval Office

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Slam Trump's Oval Office Address

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont delivered his own remarks live on various social media platforms following Trump's Oval Office address, in addition to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing on MSNBC.

Pelosi, Schumer Respond to Trump's Border Address

"We don't govern by temper tantrum," said Chuck Schumer, the Senate's minority leader. "No president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down, hurting millions of Americans who are treated as leverage."

Trump Repeats Old Talking Points in Border Address

The president repeated some of the White House's main talking points but left out important context, such as the way most drugs actually enter the U.S., which is through legal points of entry.

Chuck Schumer Mocks Trump to His Face in Tense Meeting

The retort came as part of a long, tense, on-camera meeting between President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over how to avoid a government shutdown.

Full Text: Trump Executive Order On Family Separation

President Donald Trump flipped his argument on the separation of children from their families at the border and signed an executive order Wednesday reversing his own administration's policy.