Parkland Parent Blasts Senators Who Want Teachers Armed

"What [senators] voted for yesterday is to introduce guns into the everyday reality of school. It's going to increase the risk of gunfire and casualty in schools, not decrease it," Fred Guttenberg told Newsweek.

Parkland Father Praise Joe Biden Amid Scandal

"I do not know if VP @JoeBiden will run for President. What I do know is that after meeting with him, I can honestly say that I do consider him to have been one of the most decent and genuine people that I ever met and I am in a better place today because of him."

Why Didn't Trump Talk About Gun Violence?

I was honored to be a guest of Speaker Pelosi, but I realized that had my daughter's killer been an illegal immigrant, the president would have mentioned it.

Florida Panel Recommends Arming Teachers

"In the ideal world, we shouldn't need anyone on campus with a gun, but that's not the world we live in today," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.