PewDiePie Explains He Isn't 'Quitting' YouTube in Latest Video

"I've been uploading YouTube videos every single day for 10 years. YouTube is the kind of job that isn't very stable, they are always changing legislation and rules and policies," Kjellberg said. "It's such a new thing that any day, it can be over for anyone."

Streamer HelenaLive Speaks Out After Being Banned

"I just want my channel back, it's all I've known for four years. I'm just going to try and do different things on the internet, but all I really want is my channel back," Helenalive told Newsweek after being banned on Twitch.

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The Shaggy god meme turns the whimpering weakling from Scooby-Doo and transforms him into a Thanos-level powerhouse worthy of fear and scorn.

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