Polar Vortex Photos and Videos

Pictures and videos of the polar vortex in parts of the midwest show how cold the temperatures truly are.

Martin Luther King: His Life and Times

To celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Newsweek has selected key images from the remarkable life of an American icon.

No Pants Subway Ride 2019 Photos

No Pants Subway Ride participants boarded trains in London, New York and beyond, then dropped trou and continued their commute in their underwear. 

Indonesia's Deadly Wave of Destruction

The tsunami struck without warning on Saturday night, sweeping people into the sea and shattering beachside buildings along the Sunda Strait.

Macy's Holiday Advertisement Debunked

"Additionally, if you saw a collection of images on social media, please know that those were actually product images that were cut and pasted together rather than an advertisement from Macy's."

Diwali 2018 in Photos

The best photos from this year's festival, from selfie-taking deities to painted police dogs.