Planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood Wins Lawsuit Against Anti-Abortion Activists

A federal jury in San Francisco ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood Friday, handing the group victory in its lawsuit against anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress and it's president David Daleiden, who they say illegally recorded and then deceptively edited videos of doctors and staff.

New Group Aims to Mobilize Millions of Women for 2020

"One woman can be ignored, two can be dismissed, but together, we're a supermajority, and we're unstoppable," according to Supermajority, a political organization founded by three prominent activists.

Laura Ingraham Compares Planned Parenthood to Nazis

Fox News host Laura Ingraham tied the 2020 Democratic candidates' support of Planned Parenthood to infanticide, an obsession with "death culture" and even Nazi Germany and "secular Sharia law."