Pundits Question Whether Trump Leaked News of Tapes

Since details of a secret tape between the President and his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, emerged, analysts have suggested that Trump himself might have been behind the leak.

Avenatti Wants Proof Giuliani Watched Porn

"If anyone can provide me with any evidence of him voluntarily viewing pornography, I will protect you as a source and publish it," Avenatti said.

How Did Hugh Hefner Start 'Playboy'?

Hugh Hefner, the man who created "Playboy" magazine, died Wednesday at his Playboy Mansion near Beverly Hills, California. He was 91 years old.

Playboy Hugh Hefner's Best TV Cameos

Hugh Hefner, who died at 91, was known to most as an icon of sexual liberation, but he was also a regular presence on TV, always in character: a sexual libertine in a pair of pajamas.