Will & Grace's Sean Hayes on His New Podcast 'Smartless'

"I have never laughed so hard in my life. Those guys are two of the funniest people and two of the sweetest guys I've ever known," Sean Hayes tells 'Newsweek' about Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The three host the new podcast 'Smartless.'

Podcaster John Moe on Why Comedy and Depression Often Go Hand in Hand

Depression "is not a mood, it's a psychological disorder," says John Moe, podcaster and author of "The Hilarious World of Depression." "Simplistic solutions [are] useless to the point of being insulting. It's like saying, 'Just go for a nice walk and you won't have such leukemia.'"

Podcaster John Moe on What's Most Important To Understand About Depression

"I won't unfriend depression. While the friend wants to kill me, I have learned to deny it the means and opportunity to do so, so we're good. Honestly, the perspective that depression has on the world can be edifying even if it is full of distortions," says podcaster John Moe.

Who was Dan Markel?

New details emerge in the murder of FSU law professor Dan Markel, the focus of the top-rated true-crime podcast.

Who Is Chris Spotz?

Was Chris Spotz involved in the disappearance and death of actress Adea Shabani?

What Happened to Adea Shabani?

Adea Shabani moved to Hollywood to become a star. One day she walked out of her apartment with two suitcases and was never seen alive again.

Podcast: The Happiness Curve

On this week's podcast, Lee Habeeb speaks to Jonathan Rauch, the author of The Happiness Curve.