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Populism Is When the People Are the Enemy of the People

Most Americans are in favor of both minority rights and civic order. At such a time, we need for our leaders to seek to bring us together.

Populism is just beginning

As Brexit finally becomes reality, I foresee four more years of the Trump administration—and the triumph of populism over globalism, everywhere.

Rep. Sanford Warns GOP Against 'Hitler-Like' Figure

Outgoing South Carolina Republican congressman Mark Sanford cautioned Americans against accepting easy promises from a "Hitler-like character," comparing the Nazi Germany leader's post-World War I rise to today's political climate.

In The Real World, Socialist Populism Causes Riots

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won't have to feel the brunt of her policy prescriptions—she can claim that economic regulation based on the threat of climate change will magically fix the world's problems.

Deceptive Populists Present Us With a False Choice

"The time has come for us to stop hoping that one more wall, one more scapegoat or one more war, will bring us the peaceful world that we desire," Ephraim Mirvis writes in Newsweek.