Does Legalizing Pot Increase Crime Rates?

Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing monthly crime rates in Colorado and Washington to those of 21 states that haven't legalized pot for medical or recreational use.

Judge Hails Drug Dealers' Good Grammar

Instead of sending the young men to prison, the judge ordered them to do 12-months of community service, including 100 hours of unpaid labor.

Thailand's Legislature Voted to Legalize Medicinal Weed

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Prajin Juntong explained that legalization would be carried out and managed under direct government control to ensure that "all benefits will go to the Thai people and the country."

Where Will Weed Be Legal Next?

Several Asian countries have taken note of cannabis legalization movements in North America and other nations.

Michigan Becomes Legal Marijuana State

"This was a campaign for facts versus fear. Voters looked at the facts...and were able to make a smart policy decision," a pro–Prop 1 campaigner said.

CBP 'First Line of Defense' Against Legal Canadian Weed

Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officers at Montana's Sweetgrass Area Port have detained at least two Americans returning from Canada since the U.S. neighbor officially legalized recreational cannabis on October 17.

Will U.S. Follow Neighbors to End Cannabis Prohibition?

"Seeing our neighbors making progress should put much more pressure on us to get it right and ditch our outdated federal marijuana policy," Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer from Oregon told Newsweek.