Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Baby's Gender and a Note From Beyonce

The celebrity lineup of Minaj's supporters is enviable. Nicki minaj just announced the gender of her baby - and the list of stars, including Beyonce, who were eager to send their best wishes. She was angry about a Facebook post that declared it knew her child's name.
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Practical Ways to Have a Happy Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Era

The best way to stay calm while being pregnant during a pandemic is to take intelligent precautions and do whatever that is necessary to stay safe and happy for your little one.
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5 Easy Ways to Cure Snoring During Pregnancy

Childbirth is a beautiful thing that every mother-to-be is excited about. But the journey through pregnancy can be a trying moment for many. For one, you might find yourself suddenly snoring during bedtime or when you are taking naps.