prison reform

Decarcerate America Now

Institutional racism toward America's vast incarcerated population means prisons don't have emergency plans—not for natural disasters and not for pandemics. This neglect is killing Black and Brown Americans as we speak.

Why Prison Reform Could Hold The Key to 2020

Up until now, a candidate could justify voting against legislation that helped inmates because he didn't need their votes. A crucial state like Florida restoring the vote to 1.4 million ex-offenders changes the rules.

Kim Kardashian Asks Trump for Alice Johnson's Clemency

Kim Kardashian West is set to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the potential pardon of several incarcerated individuals in the U.S., including great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson.

What's Next for Solitary Confinement?

The president's executive actions on prison conditions are giving an extra push of momentum that already exists in some states.