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Investing in REITs with CrowdStreet: A Review

CrowdStreet offers an easy gateway for accredited investors to safely invest in commercial real estate.
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Marriott Homes and Villas: Here's How to Get Your Vacation Rental Listed

If you want to rent your private vacation home, however, why not make the most revenue out of it by getting listed on Homes and Villas by Marriott International? With the help of luxury home management specialist TurnKey Vacation Rentals, you can have your vacation rental join the Marriott brand.
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7 Simple Home Improvement Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you've just moved in or have stayed in your house for quite some time, it's important to add value to your property, in case the time comes when you need to sell it to move to a larger house or get much-needed cash.

Does Legalizing Pot Increase Crime Rates?

Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing monthly crime rates in Colorado and Washington to those of 21 states that haven't legalized pot for medical or recreational use.

Average Rent in 30 U.S. Cities

We've also included the average salary in each city, as well as how much of that would be consumed by rent.

The World's Most Expensive Cities to Live In

Complaining about how expensive your city is to New Yorkers might elicit an eye roll, if not something saltier. But there are more expensive places in the world to live.