Public Schools

Stop Playing Politics With School Reopenings

We need more elected officials to make decisions based on sound science, public health and what is best for families and students, not co-partisans or special interests.

The Gathering Parent Horror at Public School

Find out who's teaching your children and what messages they're imparting. Our kids need a rescue mission, and badly. School will eventually resume—with the cameras turned off once more.

NYC HS Moves to All-Remote Learning Due to Positive COVID Cases

Henry Renelus, principal of the PS721Q high school in Elmhurst, Queens, sent a letter to members of the school's community notifying them that the building will remain closed for the next two weeks following positive COVID-19 tests.

Trump's 'Outsider' Candidate Loses Louisiana Governor's Race

Where the "Trump bump" panned out for Tate Reeves in Mississippi, it ultimately flopped for Eddie Rispone, just as it did for Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Both candidates were the scourge of local teachers unions.

Andrew Yang Proposes Ending School Shooter Drills

"My son's school is holding 4 active shooter drills this year. The only clear impact of these drills is stress, anxiety and confusion on the part of children and families. I would end the drills or make them optional. Let our kids learn the right things," Yang tweeted Monday.

GOP Rep Proposes Classroom Ban On Talking Politics

A Republican Pennsylvania representative proposed legislation that would ban all political discussions in public school classrooms to help prevent "indoctrination" by teachers.