Qatari Textbooks Teach Anti-Semitism

Disturbing new evidence has emerged that Qatar continues to teach anti-Semitic tropes and present hateful depictions of Jews in its government-published textbooks for schoolchildren.
Leaders of Qatar


Qatar has successfully adjusted to the dual shocks of lower oil prices and diplomatic rift. The Emirate has developed new business partnerships and trades routes. Additionally, the government has called for a national effort to reach self-sustainability in all possible sectors of the economy.


Since inception in 2012 PHCC has raised the standards for excellence in the region's healthcare sector. It has a strong heritage as a successful enterprise in the region with a proven track record of reacting to economic and market changes.

Another 4-Star General Resigned From Trump's Government

Anthony Zinni's decision makes him the latest four-star general to depart from the Trump administration, following close behind the December announcement of General James Mattis, who served as secretary of defense.

Qatar Pulls Out of Oil Cartel OPEC

Qatar's energy affairs minister announced that the country would end its 57-year membership in the cartel because it wanted to develop its liquefied natural gas.

Saudi Media Claims Jamal Khashoggi's Fiancé Is Fake

Supporters of the Saudi government quickly started calling the incident a conspiracy theory, claiming the journalist was killed or disappeared in order to frame Riyadh by international foes.