Bernie Sanders Hits Back at Trump as Racist, Sexist

Despite his failed presidential run in 2016 and his stance on far-left initiatives regarding climate change, college tuition and health care, Sanders already appears to be a formidable 2020 candidate.

Diocese Report Sides With Students in MAGA Hat Standoff

A Catholic diocese investigation into the Lincoln Memorial standoff between high school students and Native American activists found no wrongdoing on behalf of the "MAGA" hat-wearing students. 

ESPN Host Suggests Trump Fast Food Dinner Was Racist

ESPN hosts criticized President Donald Trump for offering players from NCAA Football champion team Clemson University an array of fast food, labeling it a potentially racist move by the White House.

Tim Scott Slams Steve King's White Supremacist Comments

"When people with opinions similar to King's open their mouths, they damage not only the Republican Party and the conservative brand but also our nation as a whole," Senator Tim Scott wrote in an op-ed.