Georgia School Superintendant Resigns After Racist Rant

"Please accept this letter as my resignation as Superintendent of Buford City Schools. My sincere apologies for any actions that may have created adversity for this community and the Buford School District," Geye Hamby said in a statement.

Video: Woman Throws Coffee on Latino Worker

A Los Angeles fitness studio owner apologized, in tears, claiming she is "not a racist" after a video went viral showing her throwing hot coffee on a Latino worker at her upscale condo building.

Omarosa Has Tapes Proving Trump Is 'Racist'

After leaving the White House, Manigault Newman said that Trump's senior advisers "had never worked with minorities, and didn't know how to interact with them."

Law Professor Deletes Twitter Over 'Latinaness' Tweet

A conservative University of Chicago Law School professor deleted his Twitter for a second time after commenting that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was only appointed due to her "Latinaness."

LSAT Prep Questions Ridicule 'Ronald Thump'

Law School Admissions Test prep questions used disparaging references to President "Ronald Thump" to illustrate how reasonable conclusions could be drawn from biased statements.

GOP Senate Candidate Adviser Said NAACP Worse Than KKK

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart's media and advertising head railed against the NAACP as the "more violent" version of the KKK and demanded black leaders tell NFL players they must stand during the National Anthem.

Richard Dawkins Mocks Phrase 'Allahu Akbar'

Renowned atheist author and longtime Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins was the target of "bigotry" accusations after a tweet about the phrase "Allahu Akhbar."

White Man Threatens Family Over 'F*** Trump' Yard Sign

A white Charlotte man hurled the n-word and threatened to call the police on a family for having "F*** Trump" signs in their front yard, something he criticized because he said neighborhood children shouldn't be exposed to profanity.

Video: Racist Verizon Customer Rants Against Manager

A Verizon customer in San Francisco went on a racist rant, chanting the n-word and telling the store's manager he was "disrespectful to the entire black race" over a failed phone purchase.