Video: Woman Screams Racist Threats on New York Bus

A New York woman was arrested after she went on a racist rant and called other passengers the n-word and "illegal immigrants" before attacking one of the several riders who was recording her tirade.

Tennessee Democrat: GOP Candidates 'Racist, Unethical'

The Tennessee Democratic Party county chairman sparked increased support and intense criticism after a Facebook post labeling Republican candidates "demonstrably racist, homophobic and unethical."

Roseanne Barr Says She Received Offers to Return to TV

ABC cancelled Barr's show, Roseanne, in May after the star went on a racist Twitter rant that included calling a longtime adviser to President Barack Obama the baby of "Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes."

Black Owners Targeted with Racist Note

"It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt us at all, the way it affects us, it motivates us to reach out and do what we had been doing to bring people together."

GOP Candidate Says God Is a White Supremacist

Russell Walker recently won the Republican primary and has claimed Jews are satanic, U.S. soldiers are being poisoned by the government and that God is a white supremacist.

High School Votes To Keep Controversial 'Rebel' Mascot

Students at Juanita High School voted to keep their "Rebels" mascot after several petitions ensnared the Kirkland, Washington, community into a debate on symbols of racial hate, the Confederacy and U.S. history.

Rutgers Professor Goes on Anti-White Facebook Rant

Livingston said he was suspended from Facebook for nine days after he railed against "little Caucasians" and wrote that he is "resigning" from his race after he had trouble picking up a burger in Harlem.

Coffee Bean Denies Service to Racist Man

"I don't like that because I don't like your religion. It says to kill me and I don't want to be killed by you. How's that?" the man told a Muslim woman.