Pregnant Woman Bites Rapist's Penis

South African hospitals have been alerted to look out for a man with an injured penis after a pregnant woman bit his genitals while he sexually assaulted her in front of her child.

Untested Rape Kits Hide Thousands Of Serial Predators

"A rapist rapes on average seven to 11 times before they're caught," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy told the Detroit Free Press. "Of our set of 817, over 50 of them have 10 to 15 hits apiece."

Why Aren't Women Believed?

We like to believe our society rejects rape and unwelcome sexual advances, no matter who the perpetrator is.

How the System Tortures Rape Victims

Less than a week after spending her savings to move to New York City, a 27-year-old woman named Cate Smithson hailed a cab to take her home to Brooklyn after a night out in Manhattan. Instead, the driver pulled into an underground parking garage and raped her.