'Mega Man X Legacy Collection' Review

The "Mega Man X Legacy Collection" includes some of the best action platformers in video game history bundled with tons of extras.

Trump Makes 'Extraordinary' Claims About Queen Meeting

Trump's royal "special honor" was no more than standard working-visit protocol, royal experts say. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams described Trump as looking as if he were "wandering down a golf course" during the honor guard inspection.

​'Identity V' Mobile Horror Game Review

From Tim Burton-inspired graphics to heart-thumping gameplay and smooth-as-silk controls, "Identity V" is one of the best mobile horror games we've played in a while.

'Hitman 2' Hands-on Impressions

During E3 2018, we got some hands-on time with the upcoming "Hitman 2." Here are our thoughts on the Warner Bros. Games sequel.

Review: Stars Shine in 'Carousel' Delightful Revival

In the #MeToo-#TimesUp era, the topic of spousal abuse could not be more relevant, and it is front and center in the Broadway musical "Carousel," currently being revived at New York Imperial Theatre.

'Far Cry 5' Review

The world of "Far Cry 5" is hauntingly beautiful, but is filled with odd storytelling and repetitive moments.

Boise's Ambitious Festival Showcases its Boom

Even in the middle of Boise's biggest annual event, walking its downtown streets is still a stroll through a friendly, modest city. You wouldn't know the metropolitan area's population grew 3 percent in 2017 — the highest rate of any metro area in the US. Housing prices followed with an 11 percent increase, though residents can still rest easy: home prices are projected to slow to 4 percent this year.