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Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes was a TV executive known for leading Fox News as CEO since the cable news network's launch in 1996. He resigned in 2016 amid sexual assault allegations. Before Fox, Ailes briefly served as a talk show host on MSNBC. He started his career in local television before transitioning into political consulting for Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Roger Ailes Explored in New Film Starring Jon Voight

Another film about the late Roger Ailes is set to debut on Friday, though unlike last year's movie, Bombshell, or the TV miniseries The Loudest Voice, the newest project is a positive look at the former head of the Fox News Channel.

How Roger Ailes Built His Empire of Outrage

The filmmaker behind "Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes" tells what she learned about the Fox News founder's life, his intense paranoia and his treatment of women.

Fox News Host Jesse Watters' Wife Has Filed For Divorce

Watters, who on Monday had dinner with President Donald Trump—himself the target of sexual harassment allegations by more than a dozen women—joins an ignominious list of prominent Fox News men connected to salacious claims.

#MeToo: Is Donald Trump The Next Powerful Man to Fall?

Powerful predators have demeaned, abused or assaulted women for centuries without fear of arrest or even censure. But in a miracle as unlikely as soaring swine, the monsters are finally facing their day of reckoning.