NAACP Calls for Facebook and Instagram Boycott

"NAACP has returned a monetary donation we recently received from Facebook, and we are calling on supporters to log out of Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, December 18."

Alleged Russian Spy Tied To Former NRA Chief's Wife

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina managed to weave herself into a web of conservative business dealings, including a jet fuel deal with the wife of the former National Rifle Association president.

Cosmonauts Break GoPro During Spacewalk

Astronauts broke a GoPro camera they were to use for a state-funded Russian international television network, saying they "didn't know how to attach" it.

Michael Cohen Condemns Russian Meddling

"I repudiate Russia's effort...and call on all Americans to do the same," Cohen said shortly after Trump backed Russia's denial of election interference.

Roger Stone Met Russian National in May 2016

Former Trump campaign aide Roger Stone revealed his role in a shady May 2016 rendezvous with a Russian and the promise of political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Mueller Wants 70 Subpoenas in Paul Manafort Case

Trump called the probe a "witch hunt" as recently as Friday and has been increasingly vocal about his opposition to Mueller, even as he says he would testify if his lawyers allowed it.