Sarah Huckabee Sandars

Sarah Sanders Says Dems Made 'Dumbest' Move With Trump Impeachment

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed the Democrats made one of their "dumbest political moves" ever by impeaching President Donald Trump, while a new Gallup poll shows Trump with his highest approval rating of 49 percent.

Sarah Sanders Mocks "Angry Trump Haters" With Tweet

"Mueller Madness! Which of the angry and hysterical @realDonaldTrump haters got it most embarrassingly wrong? #YouDecide," Sanders wrote on Twitter before sharing a Mueller Madness bracket created by the New York Post to determine the media member who got the Mueller report the "most wrong."

Sanders Slams Ann Coulter In Fox News Interview

"I don't think Ann Coulter has any influence over this White House, or influence over much of anything, to be honest," Sanders said. "I don't think she did before the president became the president. I don't think she does now. I just don't see her as being an influential voice in this country, and certainly not one in this building."