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'The Masked Singer' Episode 2 Spoilers and Recap

The Masked Singer returns Wednesday at 9 pm ET. Check out our spoilers and live recap of the show including hints and guesses for who's behind the Rabbit, Alien, Raven Pineapple, Poodle and Bee masks.

Ron Howard Talks 'Mars' Season 2

"I certainly hope [the show] works as a metaphor for the way we're coexisting and the way we're problem-solving here on Earth," the executive producer tells Newsweek.

'Manifest' Episode 4 'Unclaimed Baggage' Recap

The Kelly Taylor murder consumed Manifest Episode 3, but in Episode 4 "Unclaimed Baggage" a new passenger takes central focus as viewers discover Flight Attendant Bethany is harboring a secret. Check out our complete recap of Episode 4, here.