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Does Your Mac Really Need Antivirus? Yes - Here's Why

The rules of malware attacks have changed now that Mac users are on the rise. MacOS boasts a wide range of protective barriers, but are these measures enough to keep malware out of your Mac? The short answer: Not exactly.
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See Why This Wireless Version Is the Best in the Market

One of the most effective home security tricks is the installation of home security cameras. These security cameras will enable you to watch both inside and outside of your home anytime you want, and from anywhere.
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How to Make Your Home More Secure

Find out the simple things you can do to fortify your home and keep you and your family safe inside your refuge.
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7 Ways to Cut Down Car Insurance Costs

Discover effective tips and tricks for lowering the astronomical costs of your car insurance.

Protect Your Home With These Top 5 Outdoor Security Cameras

Protecting your home and your family by investing in a home security camera system. Many systems cost a fortune and are complicated to set up. We've hand-picked our top five outdoor security camera systems you can buy now. Bonus, they are easy to set up, too.

Why Ring Security Cameras Are So Easy to Hack

"When you don't prioritize cybersecurity for your home then you are going to be letting any script kiddie or anyone with basic skills have the ability to get into your home," a security expert warned.

Armed Security Accompanies 'Joker' Screenings Across U.S.

Screenings of 'Joker' are being held with an increased presence of police and armed security guards as the film opens across the U.S., amid fears that the movie could inspire violence similar to the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.