Patriots Haters Mock Bob Kraft Outside Florida Day Spa

Patriots-hating NFL fans and critics of President Donald Trump have intersected at a Florida day spa that's at the center of a prostitution and human-trafficking investigation, where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft had allegedly been a customer.

Man Used Xbox Live to Lure Boys' Nude Pics, Feds Say

Kyle Wallace, 22, of Tampa, Florida, was in federal court on Monday for allegedly luring minor boys into sending nude selfies using financial rewards over Xbox and other social media platforms.

Sunflower Farm Forced to Ban Instagrammers

The owners of Bogle Seeds Farm in Ontario, Canada, have had to ban photographers after thousands of people showed up to take photos in their sunflower fields.

Life Insurers May Soon Ask for Your Selfies

A company is claiming selfies can be used to estimate life expectancy, and this could soon be used to dramatically speed up life insurance applications.