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Coronavirus Is Nursing Homes' Greatest Threat In Years

Other than hoping that facilities strictly implement an infection control program, nursing home residents can survive the pandemic with the necessary precautions and immune system support for seniors.
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In Your 60's? Here's a Complete Energy Booster

The aging process requires additional energy boosters for older adults. Here's a natural formula.
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Fortify Your Immune System

With the current state of the world under this pandemic, older adults run the risk of garnering severe complications from the coronavirus outbreak. The solution to this? Healthy living strategies to boost your immune system.
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Seated Leg Exercises for Seniors to Enjoy

Senior citizens deserve their own workout, too. Here are 3 seated leg exercise for the elderly.
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Can CBD Help Treat Anxiety Symptoms and Other Mental Disorders?

One of the most common reasons people take CBD oil and other CBD related products is to alleviate anxiety. Some of the strongest medical research evidence that CBD has is surrounding the use of CBD for anxiety relief.

Life Expectancy Around the World

Of the 50 countries with the highest life expectancy, the U.S. had the lowest improvement in life expectancy between 2000 and 2016, at just 1.6 years.

More Americans Living Past 100

A report from the CDC finds the number of centenarians has increased 44 percent in the last decade and a half, thanks to modern medicine.