Sexual harassment

Comedian Bryan Callen Is Facing Sexual Misconduct Claims

The comedian—who was supposed to star in a new prank series with D'Elia that was abandoned in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against D'Elia—has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women.

Warren Opens Town Hall by Reading Release Form from Bloomberg's NDAs

"I thought I would make this easy," said Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at a CNN Town Hall Thursday before she read from a release form she wrote that would free people from nondisclosure agreements they signed with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

3 Women Accuse Gordon Sondland of Sexual Misconduct

Three women say they have suffered from sexual misconduct at the hands of Gordon Sondland—before he was named the U.S.' EU Ambassador. All three also claim there were professional repercussions for them when they rejected his advances.