Razr Trends After Motorola Announces Flip Phone Reboot in 2020

On Wednesday, wireless carrier Verizon announced the new Razr would be available for pre-order starting December 26 before hitting store shelves on January 9. The revamped phone—which originally launched in 2004—was priced at $1500.

The 12 Best Products of IFA 2019

IFA is one of the world's leading showcases for consumer electronics and home appliances. "Newsweek" went along to bring you the best product announcements of the weekend, from bendy 5G phones to retro tech.

Smartphones Give Antichrist Control: Church Leader

"Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are and exactly what you are scared of," Patriarch Kirill said.