Solo: A Star Wars Story

'Solo' Ending Explained: How [SPOILER] Is Alive

There is no after credits scene, but the end of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" includes a major surprise, the return of a character long thought dead. So how is [SPOILER] alive and will he pop up in a sequel?

Paul Bettany Discusses 'Solo' Villain Dryden Vos

Paul Bettany says Dryden Vos is "really skilled at hurting people." Find out everything the actor had to say about the Solo: A Star Wars Story's villain and the joy of working with director Ron Howard, here.

Protester Denounces Gaza Attack at 'Solo' Premiere

The international premiere of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" at the Cannes Film Festival became an unexpected protest site, as Lebanese actor Manal Issa demonstrated against Israel's killing of Gaza protesters.

Han Solo Movie Has a New Character with an Awful Name

"Star Wars" has great names (like Mon Mothma) and terrible names, like Jar Jar Binks or Elan Sleazebaggano. The Han Solo movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story" makes its claim for the bad name canon with Therm Scissorpunch.