Tiffany Trump Wears White Like Nancy Pelosi at SOTU

Tiffany Trump wore a long-sleeved blouse and long skirt in solid white, the color that the House Democratic Women's Working Group announced they would don to show solidarity for women's suffrage.

Trump SOTU Speech Comes Ahead of 'Subpoena Blizzard'

One Trump ally said administration officials are preparing for a "subpoena blizzard" as House Democrats launch their long-promised oversight investigations into everything from the president's taxes to corruption allegations.

Colbert Suggests Cardi B Give SOTU Rebuttal

New York rapper Cardi B has recently sparred with conservative talk show hosts, spawning Stephen Colbert to start a petition to let her give the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union address.

Trump On Hot Mic: He Will '100 Percent' Release Memo

President Donald Trump said he would "100 percent" release a controversial partisan memo just moments after trying to strike a unifying tone in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.