Iran Sentences Man to Death For Spying For The U.S.

Two Iranians, Ali Nafarieh and Mohammad Ali Babapour, have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on charges of spying for the U.S. A third unidentified person has been sentenced to death.

FBI Director Wray Splits With AG Barr's Use of the Term 'Spying'

"I believe that the FBI is engaged in investigative activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes," Christopher Wray said during a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing.

Tucker Carlson Slams Obama For 'Spying' on Trump

"Domestic spying during a presidential campaign did happen and we have a right to know who participated in it, who authorized it and what their motives were," Carlson said after listing instances where he believes the FBI spied on Trump's presidential campaign.

GOP Praises Barr Probing 'Spying' of Trump Campaign

It's unclear what the attorney general meant by "spying," but one Republican senator suggested that, whether done so rightfully or wrongfully, the Obama administration was involved.

Report That Russia Listens to Trump Calls Amuses Putin

Citing a former unnamed official, The Times explained that "Russia is not believed to be running as sophisticated an influence effort as China, because of Mr. Trump's apparent affinity for President Vladimir V. Putin."