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'Kingdom Hearts 3' Ending on Day One Patch, Not Disc

The "Kingdom Hearts 3" 1.01 update will release on January 29, when the keyblade-wielding adventure releases in North America. Expect the patch to be massive and take multiple hours to download, even with the fastest internet connection.

How to Watch 'Final Fantasy XV' Season 2 Livestream

It's likely most of Wednesday's presentation will focus on four new story expansions announced back in April. These DLC episodes will focus on Ardyn, Aranea, Luna and Noctis, and give fans a glimpse of the "future everyone longed for."

'Dragon Quest XI' Creators on Crafting the Epic JRPG

Series Creator and Designer Yuji Horii, Producer Hokuto Okamoto and Director Takeshi Uchikawa discuss the process of crafting the game's epic story, the intricate world of Erdrea and everyone's favorite character, the smiling knight Sylvando.

'Dragon Quest XI' Post-game Guide

Unlike the main section of "Dragon Quest XI," you won't benefit from consistent guidance about what to do next. Spoilers ahead!

Tips to Master the Fun-Size Forge in 'Dragon Quest XI'

You can craft and improve weapons, armor and accessories with the Fun-Size Forge in "Dragon Quest XI." We've put together a collection of basic tips and best practices to have you smithing with style, fast.

'Final Fantasy XIV' Meets 'Monster Hunter'

The legendary beast Rathalos has appeared in the world of 'Final Fantasy XIV' courtesy of a crossover with 'Monster Hunter.' Here's all the event details you need to know before taking on this hunt.