Sri Lanka

Will Sri Lanka's Troubles Leave It More Democratic?

Sri Lankans have taken to the streets and stormed official buildings in the capital, Colombo, for a combination of reasons, including an economic crisis and creeping authoritarianism. Many of the country's nearly 22 million people are having trouble buying even basic commodities, like food and cooking oil, while the country is unable to pay its debts to bondholders around the world.

China's Not to Blame for All of Sri Lanka's Woes

Some observers have blamed Sri Lanka's troubles on its dealings with China, which has made substantial investments in the country. Recently, CIA Director William J. Burns became the latest U.S. official in recent years to attribute Sri Lanka's economic crisis to Chinese debt. Of Sri Lanka's total foreign debt, loans from China's government are in the range of 10 percent to 12 percent. Adding Chinese commercial loans to a wider base of public and publicly guaranteed debt, a new analysis...