Texas GOP Demand Resignation of AG Paxton, Who Leads Anti-Obamacare Suit

A letter obtained by the Austin American-Statesman last week revealed seven senior officials in Paxton's office calling for federal law enforcement to "investigate allegations of improper influence, abuse of office, bribery and other potential crimes" committed by their own boss.

Klobuchar Ate Salad With Comb, Made Staffer Clean It

New allegations from more than two dozen former Klobuchar staffers and internal emails further paint the image of a lawmaker who consistently berates and dehumanizes those who work for her.

Bossie Makes Bid for Chief of Staff Job on Fox News

David Bossie deferred to Trump in a Fox News interview, choosing to tout the president's successes and put the emphasis on the potential employer, just as one would do if applying for a job.

Kavanaugh Hires All-Female Clerk Staff

"It's going to take a lot more than female clerks to undo the damage to the legitimacy of the court done by this travesty of a confirmation process," a watchdog said.

Trump's WH Staff Turnover Triples Obama's

The Trump administration's turnover rate is more than triple that of former President Barack Obama and double that of former President Ronald Reagan.