King's Campaign Using Backlash Over Racism to Fundraise

"I need to know if you will stand with me as The New York Times—whose largest owner is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim—seeks to destroy me and defeat border security," said a Steve King campaign email.

Tim Scott Slams Steve King's White Supremacist Comments

"When people with opinions similar to King's open their mouths, they damage not only the Republican Party and the conservative brand but also our nation as a whole," Senator Tim Scott wrote in an op-ed.

Steve King Is a 'Stain on American Public Life': Editor

"The stench of your deceit and your views pollutes your district, your state, your party, and the United States," tweeted John Podhoretz, one of The Weekly Standard's co-founders and a contributing editor of the magazine, about Representative Steve King.

Steve King Bars Multiple Reporters From Event

"We are not granting credentials to the Des Moines Register or any other leftist propaganda media outlet with no concern for reporting the truth," King's campaign reportedly said.