Homeless Man Tries to Hijack School Bus

Christopher Martinez allegedly attempted to take the school bus and its 41 children to a Christian mission in San Gabriel, California.

Teacher Who Quizzed Students on Incest Resigns

"While the district's approved curriculum and educational materials encourage students to think critically, several items in this online quiz were simply inappropriate and inconsistent with established classroom resources."

Georgia School Reinstates Paddling

"There's no obligation, it's not required. A parent can either give consent for us to use that as a disciplinary measur, or they can deny consent."

Student Accused of Making Mass School Shooting Threats

A warrant has been issued by prosecutors in Spokane, Washington, after 18-year-old Ryan B.K. Lee, who stands accused of lodging mass killing threats against high school students back in May, allegedly broke terms of his bail by attending a youth church group.

New Bill Lets School Nurses Treat Students With Weed

"While we sign this bill today, we do so with continued caution that the State must remain attuned to the need to ensure that recreational marijuana doesn't end up in the hands of our children."