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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Steven Universe Fans

Does your significant other/best friend/ sibling love belting "Stronger Than You" while doing house chores or do they enjoy serenely humming "Love Like You" as they're working? Here are 4 perfect gifts for your Steven Universe-obsessed loved one.
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Fashion Trends Women Can Disregard

Your fashion sense is inborn Be confident to dress how you like and when you like. These are some of the fashion trends you can disregard in the process.
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Instagram & Fashion Go Hand in Hand; Here's Why!

"Instagrammable" is the new summer 2020 trend. Finding your right style and portraying it in a fun and fashionable way may seem a little daunting when it comes to showing your best outfits on Instagram.
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What Are Blue Light Filtering Lenses?

What exactly is Bluelight and how can we combat its harmful effects?
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Fun, Safe, and Stylish Sunbathing Day in Your Backyard

One of the best ways that can bring us joy during these times is basking in natural sunlight. Check out these tips to chase away the COVID—19 blues by having a fun, safe, and stylish sunbathing day with your family.

10 Best Holiday Jewelry Picks

The holiday season is upon us, which means it's time to plan your party outfits and also shop gifts for everyone on your list. Wondering how you could take your look to a whole new level or confused about what to gift your loved ones? We have a sparkling solution we think you'll love – fine jewelry