Supreme Court

University of Washington College Republicans

College Republicans Celebrate 'Beers4Brett' Kavanaugh

The University of Washington College Republicans celebrated Brett Kavanaugh's being sworn in to the Supreme Court with a "Beers for Brett" bar outing Saturday in honor of the judge's self-proclaimed fondness for the beverage.
when will brett kavanugh be sworn in and sit on supreme court for first time

Kavanaugh Set to be Sworn Into Supreme Court

Without Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the court would have been left with an even 4-4 ideological split for the court’s new session that began earlier this week and could have impacted any number of future cases.
Supreme Court Protest

Activists Gather in D.C. Before Final SCOTUS Vote

Large groups of demonstrators massed at various Washington D.C. buildings on Saturday -- hours before a landmark vote would confirm President Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the ninth justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.